Take the Next Step in your Recovery Journey with ARIA.

ARIA enhances care coordination between your organization, partnered providers and patients through direct feedback and reporting culminating in a potential reduction of cost-per patient and a comprehensive look at the patient experience.

Welcome to ARIA, Your One True Voice to Manage Patient Care Protocols.

A Multitude of Patient Engagement Platforms (Including iOS, Android and Touch-Tone Phone Among Others)

Prequalification of Patients for Surgical and Non-Surgical Episodes (Planned for Fall 2020)

EMR Integration (Planned for Fall 2020)

Transparent Communication Among Post-Acute and Referring Providers

Predictive Costing

24/7 Patient Education Resources


Own the Bundle

Comprehensive Patient Management

Assess Patient Outcomes

Total Customization

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Administrators & Care Navigators

Manage Bundled Payments

Quality Based Payments

Evaluate Quality of Care at Your Facility

Get The Total Patient Experience

Stand Out From The Competition


Providing Feedback

Education at your Fingertips

Have More Control Over Your Results

Direct Access to Your Clinical Team

Be Part of the Future of Medicine

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When you Connect Everything, Something Special Happens.

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Push what’s possible.