ARIA SiteSelect

ARIA SiteSelect is a clinical decision support tool created to help clinicians determine whether a patient is a candidate for outpatient total joint surgery. It employs a clinical algorithm designed to:

  • Support the clinician in determining the appropriate surgical site of care
  • Utilize multiple factors related to the patient’s medical history and lifestyle including their demographic, social, functional and medical status
  • Drive consistency in surgical site selection for patients and providers

ARIA SiteSelect is designed for clinicians and is intended to be used by clinical practices and surgical sites of care to support their treatment protocols.

ARIA Optimized
Recovery Pathways

ARIA Optimized Recovery Pathways are used under the direction of providers within a clinical setting and form a series of outpatient total joint care pathways selected and optimized by the clinician in ARIA to support:

  • The standardization of care plans within the 90-day total joint episode for outpatient procedures to create clinical efficiencies
  • Promotion of earlier mobility for total joint patients that may result in a reduction of post-operative complications1
  • Providing alternatives to narcotic use to address pre/post-operative pain management
  • A potential reduction in post-recovery treatment time

ARIA Optimized Recovery Pathways are designed for clinicians and are intended to be used by clinical practices and surgical sites of care to support their treatment protocols.

1Pelt et al. Improving value in primary total joint arthroplasty care pathways: changes in inpatient physical therapy staffing. Arthroplasty Today. 2017. 3(45-49)

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